Support system for decision
Support system for decision
Support system for decision

Support systems for decision (SSD) are used by industries, managers and engineering offices that need to deal with economical and ecological constraints. These systems are an efficient, fast and user-friendly way to evaluate several scenarios in order to choose the most suitable solution without an exhaustive understanding of the underlying processes.

Our support systems for decision rest on coupling database and mathematical models dedicated to the identified user needs. Their development is always done in accordance to end users expectations and our academic partnerships through R&D projects.

Example of Support system for decision developed by Valorhiz: TalVeg®

TalVeg® is an innovative support system for decision designed for revegetation of terrestrial transport infrastructures embankments (railways and road/highways). TalVeg® combines plant databases and mathematical models that simulate herbaceous plant communities’ growth in interaction with climate and soil water functioning. This innovative tool is designed to perform the technical specifications for embankments building and remodeling according to the project goals.

Indeed, TalVeg® allows performing optimized seed mix that competes with unwanted woody species in order to reduce embankment maintenance costs. TalVeg® can also be used to evaluate biodiversity indicators and optimize them according to site context and/or project goal.

Soil functionning mecanistic modelling

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