Agriculture and green area
Agriculture and green area
Agriculture and green area

Rational management of environments

Modern agriculture and green area management are facing a new situation dictated by environmental, regulatory, economic and societal constraints. These changes make it inevitable the move towards rational and sustainable practices.

In this context, Valorhiz, with its multidisciplinary expertise in the field of agroecology and, specifically, in the study of soil-plant-microorganisms interactions, offers innovative solutions for professionals of agro-suppliers and agro chemistry.

Innovative biological products for a successful and sustainable agriculture !

Our offers

Valorhiz supplies biological solutions adapted to different plant species, and taking into account the physico-chemical and biological functioning of soils.

Our products, intended for the markets of agriculture and green areas,

 benefit from the latest innovations in rhizosphere biotechnologies.

Valorhiz also provides its expertise of multidisciplinary R&D in agro-environmental sciences, to industrial and professionals, in order to develop customized Decision Support Tools (DST).

Our customers

Our innovative biological products are intended for professionals in the agricultural supplies, agro-distribution, agriculture, green area, golf, ... 

We support you in developing the market through training of your technical staff to our products.


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