Our Team

VALORHIZ provides you with a multidisciplinary team, with over 30 years experience in the fields of study of soils, plants and rhizosphere microorganisms, and strong expertise in developing, implementing and monitoring of industrial projects. This rich experience enables VALORHIZ to offer you high quality solutions and R & D customized services, (Accreditation of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research - CIR).


  •  Our awards-distinctions

 VALORHIZ was a winner in 2007 and 2009 of the National Innovation Contest, of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research - BPI France.

VALORHIZ was the first Regional Enterprise (Languedoc Roussillon) to obtain, in 2011, the label of Innovative Companies of Clusters (EIP).

Our partners

VALORHIZ collaborates with a rich and strong network of national and international partners:


• Academic partners

VALORHIZ works closely with experts in many research organizations in France (INRA, IRD, CNRS, CIRAD, ...) and abroad. These solid and valuable partners are accompanying VALORHIZ in its strong and durable commitment to R & D and innovation.


• Institutional partners

VALORHIZ benefit from their strong engagement in supporting innovation for sustainable territorial development, and makes you take advantage of their valuable support to carry out your projects.

Valorhiz is a Member of UPGE

Valorhiz is a member of the French Ecological Engineering Professionnal Union (UPGE) and the Ecological Engineering Cluster (LifeSys).

Notre équipe en action