Bio -Technosols
Bio -Technosols
Bio -Technosols

Bio-Technosols engineering

In a context of increased land use requirements and land-use changes, Technosols uses are rapidly expanding (quarries, industrial wasteland, embankment ...). A Technosol (anthroposoil constructed or reconstructed soil) is defined as a soil newly formed by processes 

involving technical materials (mix of varying proportions of natural materials, organic materials and technical materials from human activity). They are built in the context of environment restoration / reclamation to recover essential soil functions.

Bio - Technosol: functional restoration of field coupling physical and biological engineering, ...

Agricultural rehabilitation of quarries

The extractive industry must constantly find new lands to answer the growing market demand and must sometimes exploit agricultural land. In this context, aggregates extraction is placed in a temporal sequence 

of the various soil uses, and is only an interlude in the life territory. In a context of sustainable development and coexistence between the economic, ecological and social issues, these soils should be returned, after exploitation, to their original use: agricultural land.

Bio -Technosols

Our approach

Our approach consist in coupling physical engineering for reconstruction of soil horizons in a functional way (water flow, capacity, ...) to biological engineering to restore essential ecological 

functions of the soil through the recovering of a fertility potentials by the selection and use of selected plants species and  associated symbiotic microorganisms.

Phasing of rehabilitation operations to an agricultural parcel

Bio -Technosols

1 - Topsoil scraping
2 - Topsoil storage with inoculation
3 - Field exploitation
4 - Technosol reconstruction 
5 - Re-functionalization agroecosystem