Examples of reference projects

Since 2008, its creation date, Valorhiz has improved its knowhow, through many successful realizations. Among them, we are proud to highlight some of these projects that presented particular scientific and technical challenges.

Revegetation of exploitation fronts

The goal of this project is to improve the landscape footprint of a limestone quarry based on Valorhiz mastering in ecological engineering (cf. revegetation activity). In addition to meticulous selection of adapted plants for reintroduction, the main challenge has been to restart the life cycle in a very restricting site (sterile soil, no irrigation, high summer temperatures …). To achieve this project Valorhiz performed an innovative ecological engineering based on selection and furnish of site adapted plants and selected rhizosphere microbial communities. The fact that Valorhiz managed the project on both a human and a climatic perspective was also a key of success.


The project started in autumn 2008 and successfully revegetated more than forty fronts. The results, in particular vegetal covering, showed the efficiency of our solutions and innovative engineering approach.

Gneiss infertile substrate revegetation on a slope

Les Ajustons (48) ; Colas ; 2013

The goal of the project is to improve the landscape footprint of a Gneiss exploitation (cf. revegetation activity) while reducing substrate erosion caused by the strong slope.
For this project, several constraints have to be taken into account by Valorhiz: infertile and unstable Gneiss substrate and a strong slope that generate strong erosion.

Vegetation covering 6 and 18 months after Valorhiz action

A first pilot (1000 m²) has been done in autumn 2013. Even without any irrigation, the front presents convincing results after only 18 months. The ecological survey subscripted by our client allowed him to identify the solutions that fit to its atypical site. To summaries, this trial allowed to identify the best practices that will be used for future front reclamations.

TerraGenese® - Eco-conception

Requalification d'une friche urbaine - Entrée Nord Parc Malbosc Montpellier (34) ; 2017

Mise en place d'un chantier pilote dans le cadre du projet collaboratif Biotubes.


Ce site pilote est un démonstrateur de deux alternatives aux pratiques d'aménagements paysagers traditionnelles.

TerraGenese - Création de terre fertile à partir de la valorisation de matériaux de l'économie circulaire activée biologiquement.

Génie écologique - sélection de plantes et microorganismes à même d'améliorer de manière durable les qualités écologiques du sol en place.

Le site est suivi via l'emploi de bio-indicateurs adaptés au contexte urbain.


Some of our reference projects:

• Bagard (30) ; GSM ; 2008-2014
• Martigues (13) ; Jean-Lefévre Méditerranée; 2011
• Carnoules (84) ; SOMECA ; 2012
• Le Revest (84) ; SOMECA ; 2012
• Murles (34) ; Languedoc Granulats ; 2013-2014
• Villeveyrac (34) ; Sodicapei - Vicat ; 2013
• Poussan (34) ; GSM ; 2013
• Montredon (11) ; CRB - Eiffage ; 2013


• Les Ajustons (48) ; Colas ; 2013
• Roussas (26) ; Granulats de la Drôme - GSM ; 2013-2014
• St Thibery (34) ; SC113 - Eiffage ; 2014
• Loupian (34) ; GSM ; 2014
• Saturargues (34) ; LRM - Eurovia ; 2014
• Chibron (83) ; SOMECA ; 2014
• Castries (34) ; GSM ; 2014
• Bedarieux (34) ; Garrot-Chaillac ; 2014
• Peyrolles en Provence (13) ; Durance Granulats – Eurovia/Eiffage, 2011-2014