Soil diagnostic
Soil diagnostic
Soil diagnostic

The soil, as a life support, is a fundamental compartment of our ecosystems. It is, in many areas, too often ignored or incompletely characterized or not dynamically. The consideration of soil structure and its hydrostructural 

functionning dynamics (water and air balance) is a key for a rational and sustainable management of soil, as part of an integrated approach in which economic and environmental imperatives are closely intertwined.

Soil Characterization: a challenge for agri-environmental sciences

This is the goal of the innovative approach developed by Valorhiz, in partnership with the IRD, for characterization and modeling of hydrostrutural soil functioning. This approach, which should be the basis of all agro-environmental disciplines, is made possible thanks to the TypoSoil® proprietary technology. A favorable structure and balance of flows in the soil will allow the optimal functioning

of the microbial biomass, which provides important roles in soil fertility assessment. In addition to the physical characterization, Valorhiz attaches great importance to the evaluation of the biological functioning of soils in order to offer to his customers global, appropriate and sustainable solutions for the management of these environments.


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