Impacted Soils
Impacted Soils
Impacted Soils


Industrial and extractive industries (chemistries, steel, refineries, food-processing, quarries, mines …) have a noteworthy impact on environment. In addition to in situ impacts, theses activities also produce by-products (soils/ sludge) impacted by contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), heavy metals, pesticides … Both storage and treatment of these materials are critical concerns in which economical and ecological aspects are closely related.

These concerns are particularly present in land reclamation such as industrial wastelands.
Valorhiz make his mastery of functional rehabilitation and revegetation of soils, available to impacted soils management in order to contain contaminant transfer and enhance reclamation of these ecosystems biologically and ecologically.

Valorhiz make his expertise available to impacted soils management in order to limit risks and provide ecological restoration ...

Our offer

We provide both all-inclusive packages and expert assessment to professionals interested by optimizing management of their impacted soils and to engineering offices in charge of establishment of technical specifications for management of these sites.

In the case of industrial wasteland reclamation, our all-inclusive packages can include functional soil reconstruction (cf. Biotechnosoils activity).
Moreover, we also provide biological solutions for companies specialized in land reclamation and management of impacted soils.

Impacted Soils

Our approach

Revegetation and soil functional rehabilitation (soil bio-stimulation) allows limiting soil erosion (associated with transfer of contaminants), bio-stabilizing contaminants (i.e. bio-restriction and phyto-stabilization), biodegrading contaminants and considering phyto-extraction of high added value molecules.

Our ambition relies both on our revegetation expertise on disturbed soils (cf. Revegetation activity) and our rhizosphere biotechnologies mastery (cf. Rhizosphere biotechnology activity)
Our solutions take benefits from the pluridisciplinary skills of Valorhiz Team in the field of ecosystem and soil functional diagnosis (cf. Soils diagnosis). It allows us to offer you customized solutions that are optimized to your specific needs (cf. Support system for decision).